Invest In An Opportunity Zone Property

The Opportunity Zone program allows you to invest by yourself or with others into land, residential and commercial property. It’s just like any other real estate investment but with a few extra boxes to tick when you buy and a beautiful tax free benefit when you sell. 

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Buying An opportunity Zone Property

Pay No Capital Gains Tax

When you buy a Qualified Opportunity Zone Property (QOZP) it needs to meet a number of qualifying criteria in order to be eligible for the capital gains tax benefit. The qualifying criteria differ for new versus existing property. If you follow all the guidelines and hold the property for 10-years, you will be able to sell your QOZP and pay no capital gains tax. Here are the main guidelines you need to follow when you investing a QOZP.

In an Opportunity Zone

The property must be located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ). It can be almost any kind of property just so long as it is physically located within a QOZ. 

There are 126 QOZs in Colorado with 60% of them located along the Front Range.

Including Residential

Any Type Of Property

You can invest in any type of property, most commonly commercial, but including land and residential real estate. If you purchase land you can’t just sit on it (land bank) and if you purchase an existing building you must improve it. Most commercial real estate qualifies but there is a limitation on so-called “sin businesses” like massage parlors and liquor stores.

Reinvest Capital Gains

You must purchase the property using capital gains. You can not purchase the property using ordinary income or debt financing. You can use the gain from the sale of almost any capital asset, including the sale of shares, to purchase the investment property.

Invest Through A Fund

You can not invest directly into a property. Instead you must invest into a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) and the QOF can then invest into a property. This gives you the option of investing into someone else’s QOF or setting up your own QOF. It’s easy to set up your own QOF.

Trade Or Business

To qualify for the Opportunity Zone tax benefits you must invest in a property that is then used in a trade or business. This means you can’t buy a home and then move into it but you can buy a home and rent it out, including short term on platforms like Airbnb, and receive the tax benefit. You also can’t land bank vacant land and can’t lease your commercial property to a “sin business”.

Hold For 10-Years

To qualify for the primary Opportunity Zone tax benefit you must hold your investment in the Qualified Opportunity Fund for 10-years. While you must hold your interest in your QOF for 10-years, your QOF has some flexibility about how it holds and reinvests in property. After 10-years you can sell your interest in your fund and pay no capital gains tax.

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