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Who we are

We’re a community focused on delivering one simple idea – sharing everything every investor and local community officer needs to know about investing in any of Colorado’s Opportunity Zones.

Why it matters

The Opportunity Zone legislation provides investment in local communities and significant tax benefits to investors who reinvest into those Colorado communities.

Invest Local

There are 126 designated Opportunity Zones in Colorado, including a number along the Front Range. By investing locally you help revitalize and empower local communities.

Good Neighbors

When investors help investors we all win. That’s why we created this community, so we can all collectively share the best advice and tips for investing in Colorado’s Opportunity Zones.

Local Investors

It all starts with joining the Opportunity Zone Community and becoming an COZ Insider.

Everything we do is designed to share the essential things you need to invest in any Colorado Opportunity Zone.


Local Experts

If you’re an OZ sponsor, fund manager, or professional service provider, we’d love to partner with you and introduce you to investors interested in the Colorado Opportunity Zone.


We Love Real Estate!

We’re obsessed with Colorado real estate.

That’s why we pay special attention to real estate opportunities located within Colorado’s Opportunity Zones. 

Our simple goal is to know and share everything we can about Colorado’s Opportune Zones.

We’ll connect your with the best resources and local opportunities.

If you’re an OZ expert, we’d love to talk with you about helping local investors.

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