Sell Your Opportunity Zone Property

We have investors interested in purchasing real estate within an Opportunity Zone. If your property is in an Opportunity Zone it needs to meet certain qualifying criteria to enter the Opportunity Zone Program.

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Sell Your opportunity Zone Property

Opportunity Zone Property Wanted

Investors are interested in purchasing real estate within designated Opportunity Zones. When you sell a Qualified Opportunity Zone Property (QOZP) it needs to meet a number of qualifying criteria in order to be eligible for the capital gains tax benefit. The qualifying criteria differ for new versus existing property. Here are the main guidelines you need to follow when you sell a QOZP.

In An Opportunity Zone

The property must be located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ). It can be almost any kind of property just so long as it is physically located within a QOZ. There are 126 QOZs in Colorado with 60% of them located along the Front Range.

Including Residential

Any Type Of Property

Your property can be any type of property, most commonly commercial property but including land and residential real estate.

The program works best for vacant land that can be developed but it also works for property with an existing building that can be renovated or  improved.

Vacant Land

Almost all vacant land qualifies under the Opportunity Zone program.


Residential homes may qualify for the Opportunity Zone program.

Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and commercial property usually qualifies for the Opportunity Zone tax benefit.

New or Existing

There are different rules for new and existing property.

New property works well with the program. Existing property usually needs to be improved tp fit into the qualifying conditions for the program.

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