Downtown Dacono

The Dacono Opportunity Zone includes the downtown area and borders the 1-25 corridor. 

7.7 COZ Rating

Population (2017)
$ 55 K
Housing Units
1 %
Annual Appreciation

The Opportunity

The entire downtown area of Dacono is located within the Opportunity Zone. This creates an opportunity to develop the full scope of real estate projects, including leased residential, as well as partner and stack commercial real  estate projects with qualified operating trades or businesses.  

The Location

Dacono is ideally located on the I-25 and Highway 52 Corridors and is primed for revitalization and development. It's a 30-minute straight shot to Denver. In short, it's sitting smack bang in the path of development. There is significant industrial and commercial vacant land available within the OZ and a regional shortage of quality light industrial warehousing. The local authorities have expressed a strong preference for retail projects along the Highway 52 frontage.

The Residents

Dacono has a population of 5,491 (2017) representing 1,785 housing units. The area is growing at a rapid pace with a number of large tract residential developments in the pipeline. The small population and low income levels create a risk factor for retail and commercial real estate.

Real Estate Outlook

Dacono's location 30-minutes north of Denver on the main I-25 corridor has created a positive outlook for the Dacono real estate market. Soaring home prices in Denver and Boulder have pushed many residential buyers out to the lower home prices in Weld County. It's one of the last places within the Denver-Boulder Metro with manufactured housing available in the low $200K and new homes starting at $350K.

Local Notes

Dacono is part of the"Tri-Cities" of Dacono, Frederick and Firestone. The area is less developed and lower priced than Frederick and Firestone and lacks attractive dining and retail facilities.. As an Opportunity Zone it is highly unlikely to attract national capital but offers a number of excellent real estate opportunities for local investors, including "mom and pop" investors.

City Resources

The City of Dacono has embraced the Opportunity Zone and is open for business. There are a number of overlapping local and regional incentive programs for prospective investors.

dacono photos

Dacono OZ Map

The Dacono Opportunity Zone includes the downtown area and frontage to the I-25 Commercial Corridor and the Highway 52.

Included within the OZ are a number of planned mixed density developments and single family home PUDs. 

Dacono City Video

Get a feel for Dacono by watching the City of Dacono’s In-The-Heart campaign.


123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Dacono O-Zone Professionals



Ross is a real estate broker specializing in identifying and project planning Qualified Opportunity Zone Property in Boulder, Weld and Larimer County.

Lance Dehning


Lance Dehning is a real estate investor and developer of small commercial and multifamily residential projects. 


Attorney : Capital

Karl is an attorney specializing is in raising capital for business and real estate projects. Karl has been the strategic advisor to a number of capital campaigns regulated by the Colorado Crowdfunding Act and Colorado Securities Division.

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